• Visual Storytellers

    Scriptwriting, Voiceover, and Animation

We create engaging explainer videos for your target audience.

 Is this your first animation project?

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Creative Direction

Clear visual language that’s engaging.

We create a storyboard providing all creative direction to best tell your story.

  • Products or Services
  • Educational Courses
  • Employee Benefits
  • New and Innovative Ideas
  • Fashion, Healthcare, Technology, Engineering, Finance, Education, Marketing, Public Relations, Media, Insurance, Aviation, Medicine, Entertainment, Auto, Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate
  • Consulting and Marketing Media
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Compliance Training


The right words on a page for visual storytelling.

Scriptwriting is different than writing for a website, white paper, blog or book. The words need to translate visually or they will be lost on the page. Send us your material to provide background. We’ll schedule a 30 minute call to make sure we’re understanding the material. Two business days for draft delivery; flat rate per script includes up to 2 rounds of revisions. Additional rounds, hourly.

Script Editing – When you already have a script written, but need us to help re-write the structure and/or adjust the length to fit a budget. Hourly rate.

Script Review – We’re happy to take a quick look and advise if there are any challenges visually with your current script. If any script editing is needed, we’ll give general guideline suggestions for you to re-write and finalize.


Voice gives your script the right tone.

The right voice that appeals to your audience is an important element to the overall video production.

Our voiceovers have been featured in TV commercials, radio advertisements, animations, corporate videos, educational courses and other various media platforms.

If we’re hired to create your animation or video, you are welcome to provide a voiceover file from someone you’ve hired or hire us to do the voiceover. We charge an hourly rate per video for voiceover work.

If you need suggestions, we’re happy to help.

Looking for a whiteboard animation?

There is a lot of flexibility with whiteboard animation to keep your audience engaged and inspired.